This website is all about presenting the books of others: authors, artists or designers, past and present publications you admire or would like to have done yourself, that challenge or inspire you. ‘A Good Book’ is not another portfolio blog. Please refrain from submitting your own or your colleagues’ works.



Libraries create libraries: If you own a book you love and want to share with me and the visitors of this website, feel free to submit it. It’s easy to do; the preparation hardly takes ten minutes. Remember that I can only consider complete submissions and reserve the right to reject unsuitable entries. Each entry will have the name of the person who submitted it and will be stored alongside the other books.

Here’s what you need in order to submit a book:

– A short description of your book or the aspect that makes it ‘good’. From 140 characters to a maximum of 560, including spaces.
– The bibliographic details: author, title, year of publication, publisher, designer (if known). A questionnaire is already set up within the email that opens when you click ‘Submit now’.
– One to five photos of your book (at least 1400 pixels wide for landscape format and 1200 pixels high for portrait format).

I recommend taking the photographs under natural light. I take mine directly on my desktop using an iPhone on a swan-neck clip, with daylight from the right and a styrofoam brightener to the left.

Taking a photo with an iPhone on a swan-neck clip

Of course there are much easier ways to do it. You can design your photo any way you want. But please remember to keep your shots steady and sharply focused.

Taking a photo any way you want

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